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Crochet meets Quilting
I had to share this blanket crocheted with a snowplow.  At first I thought it was the red truck you frequently see in crafts and decor lately.  I was surprised to see what would be an appliq...
Sew Your Stash - 2
  Step One: Take a Quick Inventory First, if you’re really committed to using your fabrics on hand as much as possible, you’ll want to also take inventory of those fabrics that you ...
Fidget Quilts - A Thank You
I don't think I spend enough time on sharing all of the tremendous work that the Guild's Community service group called Connecting Threads performs.  One of the items that they have donated to th...
Sew Your Stash - Embrace Your Space
I need to 'sew my stash this year' is a common phrase all quilters make.  Sherri McConnell from a Quilting Life is writing  a series of posts to help each of us use our time and our fabric s...
Makeup Brush Roll Bag
PolkaDot Chair blogged instructions on how to make a Makeup Brush Roll Bag.  The Makeup Bursh roll bag was designed by Kim from Sweet Red Poppy. Here is a sewing project that you could use for a ...
Project Atigi
Today's post is about an article on Project Atigi (atigi means “parka” in Inuktitut).  Mnay of us have heard about Canada Goose parkas that are known to keep a person very warm in ext...
Readers Best Tips on Mini Quilts
Michele and Sheri from A Quilting Life gathered Readers tips in their January monthly Minis & More series.  Check out these Readers' Best mini Tips and a couple of free patterns/blo...

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