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The voting is in and you won’t believe this – quilt #1, the Carolina Lily, and quilt #3, the Canadian maple leaf, received the same number of votes. Deena, who manages our Guild Newsletter, had a great suggestion to post both quilts. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada, post the Canadian themed quilt until the end of 2017, and then in the new year post the Carolina Lily to celebrate our Guild logo and Guild 25th anniversary. Thanks Deena, that is exactly what will be done!

Thanks to those who voted. Besides the photo, I was hoping to get more of you to visit our website, and to read the blog. Subscribers have increased in the last few months but could be higher. I haven’t had any feedback so I cannot tell if you find the blog interesting and helpful. I would like feedback, both positive and constructive criticism, on the website and blog. This is your website and it needs to contain useful information. If there are any topics, techniques, patterns, etc. that you want me to investigate and post on the blog, please let me know.


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