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Throughout the year the Board of Directors meet every two weeks on-line to discuss the work of CQA/ACC. And twice a year they meet face-to-face at a two-day Board meeting. This fall the face-to-face meeting took place in Ottawa in October. Among the items discussed were the following:

Quilt Canada 2018 - Details related to workshops, registrations, hotels, schedules, and Vancouver Convention Centre layout for the conference. Hotel information can be found here. Workshop and lecture details will be released on the website the week of November 13th. Registration for workshops will open on January 8, 2018 at noon EST for members and noon EST January 29, 2018 for non-members.

Quilt Canada 2019 in Ottawa - Venue is being finalized and dates of the conference will be released as soon as a contract for the venue has been signed. Stay tuned and check back frequently to the website.

Quilt Canada 2020- Preliminary investigation of venues has begun.


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