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Kim Diehl is an accomplished quilt and fabric designer, and has published many quilt books.  Stitch this! was interviewing her and Jo Morton on their second book called Simple Friendship II.  Most quilters are well aware of the importance of sewing 1/4" seam accurately to get seams to line up.  But do we do a check before starting a new project?  Read Kim's advice to a beginner quilter ...... 


Stitch this!  What’s your #1 tip for beginning quilters?

Kim: Strive for accurate seam allowances! Each time I begin a new project I take a quick moment to double-check my seam-allowance width. I cut three rectangles, 1½" x 3½", and stitch them together along the long edges. After pressing the seams away from the center rectangle, the patchwork should measure 1″ in width. If the size of my center rectangle is off, I make an adjustment when feeding my future pieces through the sewing machine. Once I’ve achieved accuracy, I know I’ll have smooth sailing.


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