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Set Project Goals....  Interesting concept.  This is something I have been thinking about as the holidays get closer and I am way behind in completing my sewing Christmas gifts.  It has been proven that people who write down your goals and tasks are more likely to complete their goals.  Making a list of projects with due dates can help in reducing stress because you know ahead of time if you are off track.  To break that down further you can break down projects into tasks such as quilt top, Quilting, binding, border due by XXX date.  Another example is to break down the quilt top into smaller pieces to help you complete a quilt on time.  Writing down a big list and putting target completion dates can also flush out if your list is unrealistic.   The key is to WRITE THE LIST DOWN, and then check it periodically.  This comes from someone who has a planner worksheet but didn't write the list down, and now will need to stay up late many nights to get these projects completed on time.

You could also do this for the UFOs you are working on.  If you signed up for the UFO challenge, tracking your UFO progress can help you complete on time.  And this could push your team to victory!


Below are a few examples of tracking lists you mind find helpful.  There are many more free ideas on Pinterest if these sheets don't work for you.

Moda has a detailed tracking list

Simple Simon and Company have free sewing and quilting trackers.

From Pixels to Patchwork has both an Individual Project Sheet and a Projects At a Glance Worksheet that you can download.  Disclaimer: This printable is offered to you free of charge and is for personal use only. Please do not redistribute the PDF, but you may link to this blog post if you feel like spreading the word. 





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