Correction: September 12, 2020 Outdoor Show and Share

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The September 12,Outdoor Show and Share was a success, with 114 volunteers and vistors and 83 quilts on display.    It was such a success that there are calls to make this an annual event with some asking can we do this every two months!


  • Seeing so many of the guild members and supporters again.  
  • Applauding the work done by all the quilters.
  • Appreciating the time and effort the Connecting Threads group spent on creating many of the donation quilts.  It you look closely at the pictures you will see these quilts have a blue tag
  • Great weather 
  • Public School Board showing their support to allow the PPQG use the Campbell Collegiate parking lot and fence for the displays
  • Everyone wearing a mask   Thank you,  Thank you and Thank you

Special Mention

  • In two of the pictures posted you will see two individuals who embody the spirit of the Guild.
    • The first picture is of a young lady who went home and brought back her first quilt ( all hand pieced and quilted)
    • The second picture is of Darlene Stewart, a founding member and huge supporter of the Guild and Connecting Threads  


I invite you to headover to the photos  ( Hot Topics - 2020-2021 Outdoor Show and Share) to see some of the great work on display.





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