National Jelly Roll Day

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September is National sewing month.  Saturday September 15 has been declared National Jelly Roll Day.

Here are a few ideas to celebrate the day by sewing using a Jelly roll:

- This is the basic jelly roll race with the addition of appliqued flowers.  You could change that up to a design that suits the recipient of the quilt - a tractor, a few hearts on one side, an African animal, a barn and a few cows - your imagination is limitless!

JR with applique

- There are many variations on Rail fence quilts.  You decide on the block size.

Rail fence

- 4 strip shuffle.  Decide on the size of the block.  Here is a tutorial to get you started:  4 row Jelly Roll shuffle tutorial

JR strip blocks

 - Jordan Fabrics has a free pattern using a Jelly roll to make log cabins with stars, and pinwheels in the border.  A bit more challenge for an experienced quilter.  This link takes you to the PDF to download the pattern:  Starry Log Cabin pattern link

Starry log cabin

- The last pattern is the most complex.  I am in love with the Lone Star pattern.  Jordan fabrics has a tutorial on how to make one of these beautiful blocks.

Lone Star JR pattern tutorial

JR lone star

Happy Quilting!


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