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Moda fabrics has a section on their website called 'Fun and Free'.  This section houses free patterns, sewing tips, recipes (their term for block instructions), wallpaper, etc. As I read more on the internet about quilting, every designer of paterns and fabric have a free section to promote the use of the products they are selling.  Many have blogs that you can subscribe to.   Of course this is designed to lure you in to read, get excited and then before you know it you are about to click on 'submit order'.   In fact, I pull a lot of the information I post from some of those blogs.  Having said that, there is a lot of good material and videos published if you can temper your desire to buy what you are seeing.

My goal with all of the blogs I write is not to promote a particular designer , fabric line, or company but rather encourage you to read and learn about new trends, patterns, techniques, designers, blocks, or color selections.  You may always gravitate to what you are most fond of, but my hope is you stretch yourself once in a while, and read about something out of your comfort zone.  Learning is great for all of us, and to learn more about quilting is a terrific way to spend time for any quilter.  You may want to bookmark this site, and come back with a fresh cup of coffee on a cold snowy blustery day and spend a couple of hours reading.....


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