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If you are looking for inspiration and new ideas, check out Moda fabrics' "Free and Fun" section.  In Moda's Fun and free section, there are free patterns, sewing tips, wallpaper, recipes, etc.  Of course they are hoping to get you to buy their fabric and patterns, but there is no obligation to purchase anything.  As I read more on the internet, every designer and pattern maker has free patterns on their site.  As you read and see great guilts, the next thing you know you are about to go into the checkout section and buy something to add to your stash.  My goal isn't to promote a particular designer or fabric line, but inspire you to read about a new technique, block or color selection that is a bit out of your comfort design.   Moda has a wide variety of free patterns in traditional, modern, scrappy, paper piecing, and applique.  Bookmark and come back to review with a fresh cup of coffee on a cold snowy day when you want to stay indoors.


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