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While there are several fantastic free motion quilting instructors, I am a fan of Angela Walters.  I was lucky enough to take a class of hers in Edmonton last spring.  I found her to be an excellent instructor.  Besides being in awe of her quilts she used to demonstrate what she was teaching, she is a very nice lady and very humble about her quilting.  She has a series of videos that are on YouTube called Midnight Quilting Show.  These videos demonstrate a method to quilt her patterns. Angela's Midnight Quilting videos are normally around 15 minutes.  She covers how to make the main block of that pattern, assemble the rows, then put it together.  Then she demonstrates on a domestic machine a "Turn in Early" approach to free motion quilt(FMQ) this pattern.  She also has a more customized 'Up all night' quilting version which is a bit more challenging.  

The patterns are lap quilt size.  There is a charge for the quilt patterns. You need to order the pdf pattern which I didn't think was too costly considering the video teaches a free motion quilting pattern with general FMQ tips.  The two Free motion quilting designs are free to download.  You can always watch the video and practice the FMQ with the block pattern drawn on a piece of muslin.  Various cost options to think about.

Here are two links for patterns that caught my eye:

4-Color Fruit Slices Quilt

Star Power Quilt

I believe she is in Season 4 now so there are several patterns to pick from.

In case you are wondering, I do not receive anything from endorsing Angela Walters or any other quilter.  I find that Angela createds interesting patterns and her method of teaching is easy to follow, and believe the members might find this a way to improve their FMQing without leaving their sewing room.  As always, if you come across a pattern, technique, etc that you think others would benefit from, send it to me for another blog.


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