Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns - Wednesday

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Today's post are jelly roll patterns with more of a modern look.  Two of these patterns achieve the modern look by using white negative space.  The third uses bright colored fabric which I think most of us assocate with a more modern look.


Laura A. Coia has an excellent YouTube tutorial on the Jelly Roll Race, Modern Style using solid bright colors.  She posts Youtube tutorials a couple of times a week.  You may want to check out her other tutorials.

The Moda Bakeshop pattern Lawn Chair Quilts by Monica Solorio-Snow is made in white and bright prints.  This pattern is very easy and has white negative space which makes the quilt look light and fresh (in my opinion).
A free pattern by Karin Vail is Vintage Modern Pinwheels. This quilt has some improv in the block design. You can get creative with improv to achieve a unique look.

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