Connecting threads

I have had a couple inquiries about quilt sizes re: donation quilts from the group, so decided to email everyone.
Our budget for Connecting Threads ($1600) is for batting and the flannelette used on the back of the quilts for NICU.

- should be 36 – 38 inches square
- use flannelette backing that is supplied and stored in the cupboard. It is cut in 1 meter lengths
- the label used is the one with the teddy bear on it
- use the batting that is supplied
- about 90% of the babies are male so try and make more blue than pink quilts

- can be any size up to about 60”x 80”. Kids that receive these quilts are all ages including babies and toddlers
- use all kinds of backing but don’t use the flannelette which has been purchased specifically for NICU
- quilts can be “rag” type (made without batting)
- use the labels without the teddy bears on them
- use the batting that is supplied

Hope this answers the questions.


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