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Updates to the blog can be sent as an email to you depending on the Subscription Update preferences you set. This function stopped working and it appears that Tech Support has now corrected this issue. You can set subscription settings to: daily, weekly or monthly. If the email that you receive on Blog additions is not showing any updates, you need to check your subscription settings.

In my case, my preferences were set to send blog additions on a weekly basis. When I read the email that was now appearing in my inbox, it did not show any blog additions. I knew this was not accurate because I had posted a few blogs in the previous week. When I checked ‘My Subscribe Settings’, the daily settings that I had set up was unchecked. I expect this happened when Tech Support corrected the issue.  To test the subscribe feature was working properly, I set my Subscription settings to receive Daily Updates.
At the bottom of your New Blog email, you will see ‘My Subscribe Settings’. (screenshot below)

New blog update


You can then set your preferences to daily, weekly or monthly. Click on ‘Change’ and you will see the following screen.

update settings


Click on the settings you want. You can select Blogs, events or photos. You select the Notification period to daily, weekly, or monthly.
Click on ‘Save My Settings’ feature.
If you select weekly or monthly, the email sending the updates will arrive one week or one month later.
If you continue to have problems, send an email using the Quick Contact form on the Home screen and I will work with you to resolve.

PPQG Website Lead,
Cindy Templeton


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