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Hello all.  I have been delinquent in posting but getting back on track starting today.  I have been travelling - first a much warmer climate, and then to a ranch in Boise ID.   Yes I used a pitchfork to feed the cows, picked eggs, and spent time with the horses.  Some of the chickens lay blue eggs which was rather cool to see.   I caught a horrible head cold which slowed me down but now on the mend.  Today's project is something all sewers can use.  A small storage bag with a see through vinyl front to store your sewing supplies.  You can whip this up for yourself, or makes an easy gift for a friend.  A tip for sewing over the vinyl - there are  sewing machine feet that have a teflon bottom which reduce the stickiness when using a regular sewing machine foot. 


This bag was featured on Elm Street Quilts blog


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