2018 Goals

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This year I plan to ...... 

- Get organized?

- Use up that stash?

- Learn something new?

- Start and finish projects on time? 

- 'start the project' vs keep finding more ideas?

- Focus on a specific skill, ie. free motion quilting?


Are any of the items above on your list of quilting goals for 2018?  If you haven't set any goals, I would encourage you to.  Not a two page list, start with a short list.  Maybe one item if that makes the goal realistic.    Write down the goal(s).  There are studies that have proven if a person writes down a goal they are more likely to reach that goal.

I would also suggest putting the list in a place where you can find it.  Pull it out a couple of times throughout the year and see how you are progressing.  The UFO challenge that Heather manages for the Guild is an example of writing down a goal.  And the challenge of being on a team makes the goal more fun to reach.  For some of us, competition is what we need to get motivated.


Each year I plan to improve my Free Motion Quilting(FMQ).  I have many books on the subject, taken a few classes, and continue to look at Pinterest/online.  The best article I read was 'stop reading this article and find your sewing machine.  Practice, practice, practice makes you a better FMQer.'  Be less of a perfectionist and get going!  We all just need to start, and if there is a bump in the road throughout the year, pull out the list and restart. 



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