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Connecting threads I have had a couple inquiries about quilt sizes re: donation quilts from the group, so decided to email everyone.Our budget for Connecting Threads ($1600) is for batting and the flannelette used on the back of the quilts for NICU. NICU- should be 36 – 38 inches square- use flannelette
Exciting New Year Well it is a New Year and a time for new and exciting things.  The executive of the guild is working hard to keep our meeting lively, on time and interesting.  The workshop committee has some great workshops coming up so be sure to check it out at our meeting.  We have a retreat
Christmas Pary Its the big event, our annual Christmas Party.  If you have never attended the Christmas party you are missing out.  Wonderful food, great company, christmas show and share, and well the twoonie parade prizes are amazing.  Shannon our head Elf and vice president has sent out a list
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